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Slea Head, Dingle Peninsula

This website contains photos from my cycling trip on the west coast of Ireland in July 2005. The trip is written up in a two page description with select photos.

I took just over 600 photos during the trip. I have narrowed this down to about 180 photos which I have uploaded to this website. Let me know if you are looking for a photo that you think I might have taken but haven't uploaded to the website. You can browse the collection as a gallery of thumbnailed images. The collection can also be navigated day-by-day. Once you are viewing a photo full size, 'next' and 'previous' buttons can be used to browse the photos chronologically.

  • Day 1 (4) - arrival
  • Day 2 (32) - Killarney to Sneem
  • Day 3 (33) - Sneem to Glenbeigh
  • Day 4 (23) - Slea Head loop
  • Day 5 (24) - Dingle
  • Day 6 (33) - Dingle to Killorglin
  • Day 7 (34) - Killorglin to Killarney
  • All Days (183) - all the photos on one page
Door, Orange on Purple

I have also categorized some of the photos into subject matter collections. All of the following photos are also included in the day-by-day collections.

  • Top 10 (10) - The top 10 'best' photos
  • Cycling (58) - Bikes in motion
  • People (35) - Our group and others
  • Flowers (12) - Flowers mostly
  • Doors (7) - Brightly coloured
  • Buildings (11) - Buildings, old and new

Any comments, corrections or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please contact me by email. Also contact me if you want high resolution copies of any or all of the photos on the website.